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Who we are

About Our Catering Services

From humble beginnings at Al Casbah in 1997 to the opening of Bedouin in 2011.

These family run restaurants have gone from strength to strength. Years of planning has now become a reality with Bedouin Caterers, a fusion of the two restaurants able now to cater for any event. Whether it be a music festival, wedding, dinner party or a corporate buffet. No job is too big or small.


The History

Bedouin Caterers

Established in 2018, offering catering for office lunches, private home dinning, weddings or any event or gathering in need of quality food and service. We specialise in North African, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. We can also offer Indian, Persian, British, Polish and other European cuisine. Tents with fittings and furnishings, tables, chairs, place settings, crockery, cutlery and glassware are also available for events.

Al Casbah

Established in 1997 as one of the first Charcoal grill restaurants in East Anglia. Specialising in marinated grilled meats and fish also boasting an extensive meze bar and handful of tagines and couscous dishes.


Established in 2011. A true North African experience. A real Bedouin tent and wall rugs from the Sahara sets the atmosphere, accompanied with traditional heart-warming tagines and couscous dishes from across the Maghreb.


Why us

There are no rules when it comes to food! All menus are simply guidelines, so let your creativity take control and eat what you feel!

With over 22 years experience in the industry, two restaurants, a catering company, national and regional food award winners in recent years. We feel that we have a good understanding of our customers needs and tastes.

- Highly experienced waiting staff
- Fully trained chefs
- Worldwide food knowledge
- Facilities and equipment to host a variety of events
- Customised, traditional crockery
- Authentic table decorations
- Bedouin tents (various sizes)
- Hardwood floors for tents/marquees
- Traditional lighting


Our Team


Front of House Manager and Executive Chef. 22 years in the catering industry, founder of Bedouin and Bedouin Caterers.


Head Chef. 16 years kitchen experience. Cooks for Bedouin, Al Casbah and co-ordinates events and functions. Has been with Bedouin since 2017.


Head Waiter. 30 years experience in hotels and restaurants. Has been with Bedouin since 2014.


PR and Marketing Manager. Jannie also serves as our events organiser.

Elle Events Management