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Boardroom lunches, corporate events, staff lunches, seminars…
Order before 5pm the previous day – Free service for groups of 30+
Traditional hot and cold fork buffet.

(Menus offered are guidelines only. Call our team or email to bespoke your own event’s catering if you prefer.)

Menu 1

(From £15 per person) Choose 5 items from list, hot flatbread included. Extra for additional items.

Humus (traditional)

Humus Harissa (spicy)

Humus Beiruti (herby)

Carrot/parsley tzatziki

Courgette/mint tzatziki

Cucumber/dill tzatziki

Baba ganoush (smoked aubergine, diced crudités, pomegranate molasses)

Mutabel (roasted aubergine, yoghurt, tahini)

Grilled pepper, feta and mint

Zaalouk (grilled aubergine/tomato, garlic, coriander, caraway)

Hamees (grilled peppers/tomatoes/parsley/garlic/harissa)

Beetroot, yoghurt, cumin and mint

Artichoke and feta

Muhamara (Walnut, breadcrumb, harissa, red pepper and olive oil)

Carrot, orange, barberry salad

Carrot and caraway salad (cooked)

Tabouleh (Lebanese) lots of fresh parsley, tomato, spring onion, bulghur wheat

Tabouleh (Algerian) fresh parsley, mint, tomato, cucumber, red onion, chilli flake couscous

Tabouleh (Moroccan) couscous, raisins, honey, parsley, coriander, toasted almonds and mild spices

Feta salad (Greek style)

Fattoush salad (Romaine lettuce, radish, cucumber, mint, tomato, lemon and pomegranate molasses)

Beetroot salad

Artichoke, sliced black olives, lemon, garlic and parsley dressing

Tomato, red onion, sumac and parsley

Courgette, feta, mint and pinenut

Moroccan 3 bean

Caesar (Cos lettuce, croutons, anchovy fillets, Caesar dressing, croutons)add chicken breast £1 supplement p/p

Nicoise (lettuce, tomato, green beans, boiled egg, tuna, caper vinaigrette)

Cooked salads/bites

Kibbeh- deep fried bulghur wheat balls filled with spiced minced meat served with tahini sauce

Betenjel bel tahina (Baked marinated aubergine with tahini sauce and pomegranate)

Felafel with tahini yoghurt

Chekchouka (sautéed mixed peppers, onions, tomato)

Dolma (Vine leaves filled with Egyptian rice, herbs, cooked in vegetable stock)

Ful makliya (Fried broad beans, garlic, coriander, olive oil)

Chickpea salad (Red onion, parsley, cumin)

Roasted root vegetable, baby leaf spinach and pinenut

Spinach bel dersa (sautéed spinach with garlic, chilli and chickpeas

Brik pastry selection
(Spring roll form)

Spinach and goats cheese

Potato, cheddar and spring onion

Mince beef, egg and cheddar

Prawn, tomato and bechamel

(Samosa form)

Bastilla Seyadia (Cod and prawn/diced vegetables/fresh herbs and spices £1 supplement

Bastilla classic ( Poached chicken in spices, caramelised onions, toasted almonds, fresh coriander ) £1 supplement

Oven-baked filled pastries
Cheese Fatayer

Meat Fatayer

Spinach Fatayer

Harhoura Fatayer

Zaatr Fatayer

Menu 2 – Spring / Summer

(From £20 per person)

Vegetable and Chickpea Tagine with apricots and fresh herbs served with couscous and bread

Chicken, green olive, carrot and mushroom Tagine served with couscous and bread (v)

Harissa/ lemon roasted chicken with roasted potatoes and Mediterranean vegetables

Lamb kofte balls in a rich tomato sauce with spices, fresh corriander served with vegetable rice

Menu 3 – Spring / Summer

(From £25 per person)

Beef, prune, apricot, almond and sesame tagine with couscous and bread

Lamb mechaoui (slow roasted lamb, saffron rice with almonds, cashews, caramelised onions, salad and sauces)

Levantine Grilled Chicken marinated in Arabic five spice, yoghurt and lemon juice served with freekeh and fattoush salad

Mousaka – Oven-baked aubergine, crougettes, union and chickpeas served with basmati rice and mixed salad (v)

Bowl Food – Ideal for standing events
Extra per bowl. (3, 5, 7 or 9 of your favourites served in bowls, great for standing functions and for those who like to try a bit of everything)

(This could be from miniature meze, salads or even a heart-warming Tagine. Contact us for more information and options available)

Add soup

Add meze starter. Extra per item from list per person.

Add freshly squeezed lemon and mint or passion fruit and mango fruit juice. Add extra per jug (serves 6-8)

Prices include full setup, clean down, crockery, cutlery, serviettes.

Service inclusive for groups of 30+

£50 charge for serving groups of less than 30.

Canapés – Finger food at its finest. (Extra)

Miniture bastilla: Brik pastry parcels filled with poached chicken in spices, caramalised onions, toasted almonds, fresh coriander. Shallow fried and dusted with icing sugar and cinnamon

Miniture borek: Brik pastry rolls with various fillings (spinach and goats cheese, cheddar and potato, prawn, tomato and bechamel)

Miniture Kibbeh: Deep fried minced bulghur and minced meat with tahini sauce

Miniture felafel: with tahini dip

Cucumber Kishkeh: Cucumber filled with a minted yoghurt

Baba ganoush on toasted bread

Feta cheese balls with various coatings (Paprika, parsley, zaatr, sesame, sumac)

Haloumi, watermelon, mint and dukkah skewers

Mixed olive tapenade , labneh and herbs on toasted bread

Dolma: Vine leaves filled with herby rice

Smoked salmon dill and lemon pate on toast

Smoked salmon, crème fraiche with chives on toast

Gazpacho: Cold spanish soup shots

Mozzarella balls, tomato and basil skewers

Avocado and shrimp skewers with lemon dressing

Cherry tomato filled with a roasted green pepper and feta cheese

Sun-dried tomato with goats cheese on toast

Hammees: Roasted peppers, tomato and chili on toast

Cucumber with pickled ginger and crab

Prawn cocktail with deviled eggs

Spinach, artichoke dip with sugar snap peas in baguette rounds

Mid morning and Afternoon tea. Add extra

Perk up your afternoons or mid mornings with our Arabic cakes, pancakes, savoury snacks, Moroccan mint tea and coffee.

Desserts (Extra)

Fresh fruit platter

Arabic cake platter

Mahalabi- Algerian chilled rice pudding flavoured with orange blossom and a hint of cinnamon. Add extra per serving

Nibbles (Extra)

Marinated kalamata olives

Pickled vegetables

Mixed nuts

Bread and olive oil

Bread/olives and olive oil

Moroccan fresh mint / green tea. Served in traditional way. Extra per person.