Live Stations

Cooked in front of you!
For corporate events, road- shows, parties at home or late night snacks at a wedding or function.

Falafel – wraps, salad, sauces and pickles.
Crepes – Made to order with your favourite toppings.
Waffles – Made to order with your favourite toppings.
Brik pastries – Made rolled and fried to order.
Kibbeh – Made in front of your eyes, fried and served up with tahini sauce and pickles.
Pasta – Bowls of fresh pasta and homemade sauces.
Shawarma – Marinaded Chicken at its best in a wrap with homemade garlic sauce, harissa and pickles.
BBQ – Merguez Sausages, Chicken skewers, Lamb Shish, Kofte…
Juice bars – Freshly squeezed juices/smoothies of your choice.